Tigridia pavonia, or peacock tiger flower, is a stunning perennial that produces large, showy flowers in various colours, such as white, yellow, pink, or red. Each flower has three petals and contrasting central markings, giving them an exotic and striking appearance. They are native to Mexico and bloom from July to August, often after rain. Each Tigridia pavonia flower lasts for a day but as every spike produces a succession of flowers and each corm throws several spikes, a continuous display is obtained. Tigridia pavonia bulbs should be planted claws down in a sunny and sheltered position, with some protection from strong winds. They like a moist but well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. They need protection from frost in colder areas and can be lifted and stored in a dry place over winter. Tigridia pavonia bulbs are ideal for adding colour and charm to borders, rockeries, or containers.