⁤Oriental Trumpet Lilies are an exceptional hybrid derived from crossing Trumpet lilies with Oriental Hybrids; they present a magnificent selection of stately garden plants. ⁤⁤These lilies stand tall, showcasing their robust nature and extraordinary strength, which has earned them the nickname “Tree lilies.” ⁤⁤Their imposing stature, often reaching impressive heights, adds a dramatic flair and impressive height to any garden setting. ⁤⁤The range of colours and fragrances offered by these hybrids is vast, featuring blooms that captivate onlookers. ⁤⁤Ideal for creating focal points in garden borders or as standout specimens in large containers. ⁤⁤Oriental Trumpet Lilies are not only visually stunning but also remarkably hardy. ⁤⁤Their ability to thrive and flower profusely makes them a favourite choice amongst gardeners seeking to add a touch of splendour to their gardens.