Red Labyrinth

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The Dahlia Red Labyrinth is an extraordinary flower that is sure to create a spectacular display in any garden or floral arrangement. With its elaborate petals and rich, fabulous coloring, this dahlia is truly glamorous and impressive. The Labyrinth series of dahlias is known for its enormous blooms, formed of masses of amazing curved petals, as well as its outstanding garden performance and impeccable vase life. The Red Labyrinth Dahlia has it all - it is up to the minute in dahlia fashion and truly magnificent. This dahlia is a reliable bloomer, producing an abundance of flowers throughout the summer and well into autumn. Whether grown in a garden bed or displayed in a vase, the Dahlia Red Labyrinth is sure to bring joy and delight to all who have the pleasure of admiring it. Its huge, stunning blooms and fabulous coloring make it a must-have for any flower lover.


Classification:Formal decorative
Flowering Time:July-October
Planting Depth:10cm
Space Between Bulbs:10cm

Notable Traits

Good For Cutting

Partial Shade

Sunny Position

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