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Pashley Manor Gardens, Ticehurst, East Sussex

22nd April – 6th May 2024

Bloms Show Gardens at Pashley Manor are open from April until the end of October.

Pashley Manor Gardens is a beautiful garden located in the Sussex countryside in the United Kingdom. Each year, the garden plays host to the amazing Tulip Festival, where over 50,000 tulips from Bloms Bulbs are planted throughout the garden. This annual event is a major attraction for garden enthusiasts and nature lovers, and is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the area.

The Tulip Festival at Pashley Manor Gardens is a true celebration of spring, as the garden is transformed into a sea of colour and beauty. Over 50,000 tulips of all shapes, sizes, and colours are planted throughout the garden, creating a stunning display of flowers. Visitors can wander through the garden and marvel at the beauty of the tulips, which bloom in a range of shades including red, orange, yellow, white, pink, and purple.

During the Tulip Festival, visitors can also visit the marquee of cut flower tulips, which is attended by representatives of Bloms Bulbs. These experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the tulips and can help you place your order for bulbs to plant in your own garden. In addition to supplying the tulips for the Tulip Festival, Bloms Bulbs also supplies the gardens with about 2,000 dahlias every year for the Dahlia Days event in September.

The Dahlia Days event at Pashley Manor Gardens is a celebration of the beautiful dahlia flower. During the event, the garden is filled with a wide variety of dahlias, which come in a range of colours and shapes. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the garden, talks and demonstrations by expert gardeners, and the opportunity to order dahlia tubers from Bloms Bulbs.

In addition to the tulips and dahlias, Pashley Manor Gardens is home to a wide variety of other plants and flowers, including roses and lilies. The garden also features a number of formal garden areas, including a rose garden, a water garden, and a formal parterre.

One of the unique features of Pashley Manor Gardens is the collection of rare and unusual plants that can be found throughout the garden. There are over 5,000 varieties of plants in the garden, many of which are rare or hard to find elsewhere. This makes Pashley Manor Gardens a paradise for plant enthusiasts and a great place to learn about different plant species.

In addition to the Tulip Festival and Dahlia Days, Pashley Manor Gardens also hosts a number of other events throughout the year, including gardening workshops, talks, and garden tours. The garden is also home to a tea room, a gift shop, and a plant nursery, where visitors can purchase plants and gardening supplies.

Overall, Pashley Manor Gardens is a must-see destination for anyone interested in gardens, plants, or nature. The annual Tulip Festival and Dahlia Days events are particularly special times to visit, as the garden is transformed into a breathtaking display of color and beauty. Whether you are an experienced gardener or simply enjoy being surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers, Pashley Manor Gardens is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

Tulip Festival 2023

Wednesday 19th April – Wednesday 3rd May

The garden is open from 10AM to 5PM

For more information visit:


Dahlia Days 2023

Wednesday 6th September – Saturday 16th September

The garden is open from 10AM to 5PM

For more information, visit: https://www.pashleymanorgardens.com/events/dahlia-