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If you are planning to add a splash of colour to your garden this year by using some well-chosen Lilies, now is the time to decide. With the exception of some of the species hybrids, such as Lilium candidum and martagon, spring is the time for planting lilies. Moving existing bulbs within your garden should be done during late autumn, but new bulbs should be planted now.

Lily bulbs are succulent fleshy scales with no protective covering, which makes them very different from other bulbs. They are harvested late in November, weather dependent, and at this stage, the bulbs are fresh, full of nutrients and disease free. You do see lilies being offered in the summer and autumn, these are either stored bulbs from last year’s harvest or those imported from the southern hemisphere. Southern hemisphere bulbs are interesting and will eventually do well but can take several years to acclimatise to our growing conditions. Bulbs planted during their natural cycle will always produce the best results.